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Our natural breathing pattern dictates the volume of oxygen and the spaces this oxygen is received in our body. Where the breath is not received, can cause places of stagnation and the natural massaging of our internal organs through the movement of breath, is not able to be benefited from by the body. 


Breathwork is a gentle and supportive  practice which can help us to reconnect to parts of our body that may be stagnate and to reconnect with our centres.

Benefits of breathing during pregnancy:


  • As your baby grows, your body requires more oxygen to function at its optimum. Your baby too needs adequate oxygen to grow properly. Through breathing exercises, your body will get the oxygen it needs.

  • Anxiety and stress are a natural part of pregnancy. Through breathing exercises, you can stay calm, de-stress and maintain a deep connection to your body.

  • As you breathe deeply, you provide your body with more oxygen. This provides a natural relief from achy joints and muscles.

  • The practice of breathwork will help you stay ‘present’ during your pregnancy and labor and enjoy the miracle that is childbirth.

Breathwork can also continue to bring support during the postpartum period:

  • Breathwork is a gentle and supportive postpartum technique women can do after birth.

  • Reconnecting to and deepening the breath lays the foundation for healing and restrengthening the inner core.

  • With breath, you begin the healing process postpartum by simultaneously rehabbing both the deep core and the pelvic floor.

  • Being able to "just breathe" in the early days postpartum also allows you to truly honour your body and process current experiences.

  • A level of holistic healing and restoration to the inner core unit is supported, as breath can help to assist with the re-aligning of organs back into their natural positions.

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