What is Breathwork?

Conscious Connected Breathing reconnects us to our inhale and exhale allowing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to reset and resync - empowering you to release and step forward in all directions of life.

​To breathe is to live.  To breathe is to heal.

Breath is the body's natural healing system. Breathwork creates and allows space for your body to achieve healing as it seeks to; releasing stress and tension, improving nerve function, deepening lung capacity and offering insight into detoxification and transformation.

Relief can be felt from symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, stress, depression, insomnia and unresolved tensions. Cycles of unprocessed trauma are completed, natural balance is restored and the body is energized and elevated.


With each session, your breath pattern will improve and you will continue feel benefits. 

Client Experiences

Ryan, Whistler

This is a game changer.

My endurance increased during my regular workouts and my mental focus is sharper with my body and mind responding quicker to my demands during training & on the slopes. 

Jared, New Zealand

Vanessa's approach of clear education and communication with this practice helped me to reconnect with my body. I now understand how breath effects  and benefits each of our systems, which makes me want to continue exploring breath work.

Leanne, Whistler

I felt that Vanessa‘s Breathwork classes were a rejuvenating approach to calming the mind. Breathwork is one of the most important functions as a human and in snowboarding I use it on the daily to ease my anxiety before riding a big line. 

VANESSA WERNER - Four Directions

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