Welcome to your community,

A space created for open discussion,

A space for advice and direct access to supportive and restorative practices.
A safe space to be uniquely you and to connect as you are, with your 

REAL TALK provides accountability for your journey and the work you are doing to improve your wellbeing and life fulfillments.

The noise of online information and resources is overwhelming. Lets reconnect in a way that feels natural for us to engage as humans. Receive clarity, support and some guidance only as you seek it in the choices you are trying to make. 

What is REAL TALK?

Its not a workshop, and we don't want to call it an event either. Its more like a hangout, a gathering. A space for a curation of wisdom shared by aspirational women - you. Become the best version of yourself using community as the vehicle to get you there. 

Through discussion and sharing, determine what your version of fulfilment looks like. A space that offers validation and support that will guide you in creating your own health path through providing a resource brimming with authentic advice. 

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Due to COVID 19, all scheduled dates have been postponed.

Check back soon for an update!


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