Within sport, resilience is challenged, performance measured and mental and emotional strength tested as much as physical endurance. There can be pressure to exceed, frustrations with injuries and depression with recovery - to take a risk in any sport is to take a risk within and awareness of our breath and nervous system state is essential to your support.

Breathwork included as part of an effective training regime can:

  • Reduce breathlessness during exercise

  • Restore balance of the nervous system 

  • Increase oxygenated blood volume

  • Improve physical awareness and balance, mobility and flexibility

  • Help with acute and chronic pain management

  • Help to manage stress and anxiety while sharpening focus and concentration

  • Improve oxygen carrying capacity in the bloodstream and delivery to muscles & organs

  • Improve diaphragmatic and respiratory muscle strength

  • Boost energy levels and improve endurance

  • Improve breathing efficiency and circulation

  • Reduce recovery time and facilitate injury rehabilitation

Breathwork for Better Boardwork

An article written by Vanessa Werner published by Snowboard Canada Magazine.

Continue to understand the importance of each inhale and exhale and how it supports your journey. 

VANESSA WERNER - Four Directions Restoration

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