What is Breathwork?


Conscious Connected Breathing reconnects us to our inhale and exhale allowing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to reset and resync - empowering you to release and step forward in all directions of life.


To breathe is to live.  To breathe is to heal. 

Breath is the body's natural healing system. Breathwork creates and allows space for your body to achieve healing as it seeks to; releasing stress and tension, improving nerve function, deepening lung capacity and offering insight into detoxification and transformation.


Relief can be felt from symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, stress, depression, insomnia and unresolved tensions. Cycles of unprocessed trauma are completed, natural balance is restored and the body is energized and elevated. 


With each session, your breath pattern will improve and you will continue feel benefits. 

A facilitated breath session with Vanessa will involve a consultation to connect with your intention and purpose, coaching of the Conscious Connected technique, breathing (Activating), Integrating and Relaxing.

The Conscious Connected technique focuses on the emphasis of the 'in' breath. Breathing into a relaxed body - establishing a foundation of softness. 
The inhale and exhale are connected without pause with an effortless release of the out breath. The depth of surrendering is in the exhale.  


As a trained Breath Facilitator, it is my pleasure to hold this space for you, to help teach you and to support you on your breath journey and to reconnect to the inner wisdom of your body using approachable and focused techniques. 


Client Experiences

James, Vancouver

The session with Vanessa was a real gift.   I have noticed a difference in how my body is responding to thoughts. There seems to be less anxious energy and a little more of a sense of space around how the thoughts themselves are.  

Liz, New Zealand

It was a step out of my comfort  zone to try the breath work practice and I can't speak highly enough of my experience. Vanessa is intuitive in her work and respecting of what arises in each session. Breathwork is a life changing practice that has allowed me to reconnect with myself and move forward with new confidence. 

Renae, Whistler

Vanessa's facilitation and

 guidance is unwavering during and after my sessions. I feel more mind-body connected each time I I drop into breath and a reassurance that I am always supported in the processes I am moving through. 

Breathwork: the Self-care Practice You are Already Doing Without Realizing 

An article written by Vanessa Werner for Tuja Wellness. 

"Your breath is the most beneficial restorative tool, accessible to you at any time"

Breathwork: The Self-care Practice You are Already Doing Without Realizing

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